Discover what makes Donatella Marraoni's art so unique


Graduated with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts, Perugia. Thesis with reknowned art critic and president of the Burri Foundation, Bruno Corà.


Participated at over 50 events and exhibitions both on a national and international level over the past 24 months.


Originality, profoundness and freshness attempt to define the numerous works by Donatella Marraoni born from the most vivid emotions.


Donatella Marraoni’s art is born out of chaos, confusion and of the continuous experimentation with new materials and techniques.

A critical view

Donatella Marraoni | Italian Artist

Presentation | Ciro Cianni - Art Writer:

Delicate dictations of the heart, a detailed depth of sentiments which emerges from an induced simplicity of grace. A dissemination of emotions in the coves of colours which take shape and size in the brushstrokes, and of an alive sufferance in memory and to remember, felt, yet not too veiled, a part of a life lived. A path of sowing which Donatella has carried out during the years with a conscious freedom of art, of affection, which has allowed her to express herself both through her feminine figures with a spontaneity of creation which transmit a tone of beauty and passion to the eyes and heart of the beholder, and particularly where, in the 'letters of coffee' the intensity of memory that one testifies is tangible and tactile. A move toward to the truest meaning without hiding oneself, without the fear of bringing to light that feeling of love, maybe even defenceless and fragile but a pure good. Works of a single subject, protagonists of the tract, details that give a further intimacy, as if in front of a mirror without being able to lie, with no illusions of time. Images recount Donatella, colours imprinted with cement, an engraving as if to say 'for eternity' leaving beauty and love. Figures whom speak a lot, femininity everywhere, in the sensuality of faces and eyes in which we find ourselves reflecting in losing ourselves to find ourselves again, to perfect bodies who accompany us along unfamiliar roads. Everything is there, we just need to know how to read it. From a bicycle, a cockerel, an umbrella, banal visions without sense in a first reading, who would think to make a painting with these themes! Donatella can, she has the ability and the courage to pull out her heart. That's why. The memory: metaphor and presence of a feeling which brings and will always bring to life. To then move on to the 'letters of coffee' ..., written missives not painted, thought of for giving life, to dwell on in a bond without time and space. In a heart and in the heart of love.
Ciro Cianni

Critique | Prof. Alberto D'Atanasio:

If it is true that everything began with the spark of a goddess who transformed Chaos into Cosmos, that is to say the beauty which combines transcendence and immanence, then it is true to say that in Donatella Marraoni’s work there coexists a part of that spark which is the essence, the beginning and the continuation of her research. Each of her images is an ode to that femininity which mirrors Gaia, Gaea, Demeter, Cybele, Proserpine, Aphrodite. Each work of Donatella Marraoni is fixed on a support, which has the flavor of the type of surfaces levigated by wind and rain, the image of a warning bell which still rings in time, but that a patriarchal misogynist and masculinist mentality have hidden, muffled until making it silent. This is why her paintings, whilst being an example of specific knowledge of the techniques and restitution aesthetics of a work, are a real warning for the time in which man now lives and to the way he has been reduced to live. So it is then that her mottled surfaces and her beautiful women, from their assorted and thoughtful expressions, are genuine pleas to those archetypes that one should rediscover, meditated with the intention of involving the story of modern man. She uses cement as a support, but what is cement yet water and land which taking on form and new creation? What is the opera of Donatella Marraoni if not a return to the archetype of the feminine and allowing this to become a warning sign in the immanent present. The paintings by Donatella Marraoni are not only example of an artist who studied art and who inhaled the historicity of how to make an image, rather they are songs, short stories, tales and fables which surpass the emptiness of certain politics and certain economies. Her works are images from the imagination, dare I say shamanic ones, intended to be a warning for those whom still desire beauty and in the end they reunite the female transcendence which with a spark of the Feminine allowed Chaos to become Cosmos.
Alberto D'Atanasio

“Hecce mulier" | Fabrizio Tiburzi
In her work, the great sensuality of the female body captures the viewer in its much deeper charm of the inner journey of every woman, in the vortex of emotions of the flow of a life forever in search of a deep, true and solid relationship, in which to believe, a joint journey and routine although no less heroic; the desire for completeness - in her different works whispered, spoken, shouted, suffocated, appreciated – does not prevent the immediate, necessary, conquered force to assert its extraordinary yearning to be there. It is the story of a woman holding on to her own equilibrium, a woman as she would like to be and as she is, between mind and body, between me and you, between past and future, between escape and prison, between dream and reality, and as a woman, mother and wife; but a human being whose inner torment is not torn and which immediately gives way to the features and decisive colors, the glinting gaze, that does not succumb, that does not complain, that always gets back up again. Cement, indeterminacy, isolation and a certain detachment that often protect her, are not the missing confession of the inherent fragility of the human being who seeks the completeness in her relationship, but rather an appeal - seemingly contradictory, as not rare it is in the code of communication of the female and human - to want to overcome those defenses and want to get into loving dialogue with her higher universe and her generous passion. The work stands as an invitation of acute sensitivity to contemplate the beauty and difficulty of living and to survive, to understand and to be understood, that every woman, even in this time when everything changes, heroically sustains. In protected hope to be able to share it. A work that almost seems to be saying: "Hecce mulier".
Fabrizio Tiburzi

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